Journal of Ecosystems / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Litter Production, Decomposition, and Nutrient Release in Subalpine Forest Communities of the Northwest Himalaya

Table 2

Seasonal variation in litter fall and annual litter standing crop in different stands.

Forest stands1Percent variations in different litter categories Percent seasonal variations
Total annual litterfall (kg ha−1)in total litterfall during different seasonsin total litter fall
Leaf litter2Nonleaf litter3Summer rainy seasonAutumn-Winter season
Leaf litter2Nonleaf litter3TotalSummer rainy season#Autumn-Winter seasonSummer rainy seasonAutumn-Winter seasonLeaf litter2Nonleaf litter3Leaf litter2Nonleaf litter3

PAR2330 (79)4620 (21)29505248505080207822
PQQ2610 (77)760 (23)33707030505083176733
PAQ2480 (76)770 (24)32507426524882186436
PRS3040 (75)1000 (25)40406436356585156238

Percent average in all the stands77236535475382176832

SD (±)

Forest stands abbreviation given in Table 1; 2LL: leaf litter; 3CWD: coarse woody debris; 4values in parenthesis are percent, #summer rainy: April to September, and autumn-winter: October to March months; *significant.