Journal of Ecosystems / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Surface Water Quality Assessment of Wular Lake, A Ramsar Site in Kashmir Himalaya, Using Discriminant Analysis and WQI

Table 1

Sampling station locations and their coordinates.

Study sitesLatitudeLongitudeElevationLocationWater depth (m)

MakhdomyariSite I34°-17′-44.2′′74°-37′-24.2′′1597Southeastern1–3
VintageSite II34°-24′-08.1′′74°-32′-39.1′′1583Eastern side 1–4
Ashtang Site III34°-24′-3.8′′74°-32′-41.7′′1583Northwestern side0.5–4.5
WatlabSite IV34°-21′-29.4′′74°-01′-59.2′′1577Western side1–5.5
NingleSite V34°-17′-16.6′′74°-30′-26.6′′1574Northern0.5–4.4