Journal of Fuels / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Performance Evaluation of a Small-Scale Turbojet Engine Running on Palm Oil Biodiesel Blends

Table 1

Manufacturer and original equipment specifications.

Model and typeJFS100-13A

CompressorAir inlet in front of unit
Single stage radial outflow
Air mass flow0.726 kg/s at 72500 rpm
Compression ratio3.5 : 1
CombustorAnnular fuel manifold assembly
Five simplex fuel nozzles
Turbine1-stage axial flow turbine
Maximum temperature 1000°C
Width and height302.26 mm and 304.80 mm
Length558.80 mm
Weight37.195 kg dry
38.102 kg with lubricant
FuelK-1 kerosene or Jet-A
Power rating67.11 kW at 60400 rpm
Maximum thrust300 to 400 N optimal
CM4 optimal shaft speed70000 rpm
CM4 exhaust gas temperatureMaximum 800°C