Journal of Fuels / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Performance Evaluation of a Small-Scale Turbojet Engine Running on Palm Oil Biodiesel Blends

Table 4

GasTurb input parameters for cycle analysis at 66000 rpm.

Input name as shown in GasTurb 11Established reference variable Value

Total temperature 300 K

Ambient pressure Pamb 101.1 kPa

Relative humidity50% (based on average hygrometer readings in laboratory over test period)

Inlet Corr. Flow W2Rstd 0.767 kg/s (from experimental results for Jet A-1)

Pressure ratio 2.63 (established from experimental results)

Burner exit temperature 1133.3 K (Jet A-1)
1150 K (B20)

Burner design efficiency 0.82

Fuel heating valueFHV or 46.190 MJ/kg (Jet A-1); dependent on test fuel. FHV obtained from Table 3

Mechanical efficiency 0.8815 (as iterated by GasTurb)

Compressor efficiency 0.77

Nominal spool speed66000 rpm

Turbine efficiency 0.82