Journal of Geological Research / 2014 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

Assessment of Slope Instability and Risk Analysis of Road Cut Slopes in Lashotor Pass, Iran

Table 7

Major faults at around of the Lashotor pass.

Name of faultStrike/dip and dip direction of faultLength (km)MechanismHorizontal distance (km)

North Baharestan (NBF)095–115/ SW45D + R6.7
Baharestan (BF)280–300/45 NE33R + D2.4
Dalan (DaF)290–320/60 NE180R + D51
Mobarakeh (MoF)310–325/70 NE60R + D21
Dizicheh (DiF)310–335/ NE37R + D19
Dehaghan (DF)120–145/60 SW250R + D56
Dehagh (DeF)290–320/ NE200R + D16
Kolah-Ghazi (KGF)300–310/55 NE50R + D0
Foladshahr (FF)120–145/70 SW70R + D11

N: normal, R: reverse, D: dextral, and S: sinistral strike-slip component of movements.