Journal of Industrial Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 10

Research Article

Application of Systems Simulation for Predicting and Optimising Energy Requirements for HDF Production

Table 10

The data collected from the 6 scenarios simulated.

IDScenariokWh/UnitEnergy consumptionApproximate savings/year

110% energy savings on refiners3.74%3.58%€320,800
210% energy savings on driers2.08%1.89%€170,000
315% energy savings on driers2.91%2.84%€254,000
43% press cycle time reduction4.30%0.46%€40,000
58% press cycle time reduction9.42%1.12%€100,700
64-3 shift cycle scenario3.14%−0.84%€−92,000

Maximum total25.59%9.05%€675,500