Journal of Industrial Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

A Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Approach in Determining the Employer’s Selection Criteria

Table 3

ANOVA results for employers’ selection criteria of industrial training students.

Employer’s selection criteria of students’ LIMean-value-value

B4Communication skills4.55.540.00
B2Mastery in English language 4.293.980.01
B1Mastery in Malay language4.1320.810
B7Academic qualifications4.072.150.09
B9Company/organization policy4.020.630.59
B8A convincing resume 3.950.980.40
B6Duration of LI3.822.830.04
B10Amount of students’ intake for LI for a particular period3.730.470.71
B11Students’ involvement in extracurricular activities in university3.511.640.18
B12Students’ involvement in sport activities3.222.220.09
B3Ability to master other languages3.021.630.19
B5Working experience2.880.380.77

as value less than 0.05).