Journal of Industrial Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

A Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Approach in Determining the Employer’s Selection Criteria

Table 7

NumberItem Scale

D2Ability to perform task/project12345
D3Initiative/willingness to learn12345
D4Willingness to accept responsibility12345
D5Interest towards task/project given12345
D6Commitment towards task/project given12345
D7Good relationship with other personnel in your organization12345
D8Ability to communicate/convey information12345
D9Follow rules and regulation12345
D10Properly dressed and neat12345
D11Ability to understand instruction from supervisor/employer12345
D12Ability to work in group12345
D13Ability to solve problems12345
D14Ability to lead12345
D15Ability to analyse problems12345
D16Ability to interpret analysis/project result12345
D17Ability to think creatively12345
D18Ability to plan and execute task given12345
D19Ability to make decision12345
D20Ability to give opinion related to the task12345
D21Ability to apply knowledge and skills learned in UKM12345
D22Ability to use the latest technologies12345

Circle your answer based on the scale given.
1 = very unsatisfied, 2 = unsatisfied, 3 = not sure, 4 = satisfied, and 5 = very satisfied.