Table 1: Ternary solid solubilities of the Al-Mg-Sr binary compounds.

Phase[1] experimental[8] experimental[3] experimental[13] experimental[4] calculated[4] experimentalThis work

Mg17Sr216.5 at% Al13 at% Al21.3 at% Al20.0 at% Al13.1 at% Al20.3 at% Al
Mg38Sr916.8 at% Al12.5 at% Al20.3 at% Al23.1 at% Al23.1 at% Al
Mg23Sr615.9 at% Al27 at% Al21.9 at% Al21.0 at% Al
Mg2Sr12.9 at% Al12 at% Al13.3 at% Al26.1 at% Al18.6 at% Al13.1 at% Al
Al4Sr10.2 at% Mg25 at% Mg23.2 at% Mg19.9 at% Mg15.9 at% Mg21.0 at% Mg
Al2Sr17.9 at% Mg19 at% Mg6.7 at% Mg26.1 at% Mg30.8 at% Mg25.4 at% Mg