Table 2: Characteristics properties of Indium Selenide based PCRAM.

ParameterSymbolNumeric data

Threshold voltage0.78 V
Holding voltage0.45 V
Melting point of In2Se3600°C
Glass transition point (In2Se3)373°C
Crystalline state resistance (static resistance of set)103 Ω
Amorphous state resistance (static resistance of reset)630 kΩ
Dynamic on-resistance1 kΩ
Thermal conductivity of In2Se337 W cm−1K−1  (parallel)
120 W cm−1K−1  (perpendicular)
Thermal capacity of In2Se31.25 Jcm−3K−1
Activation energy of In2Se30.17 eV
Boltzmann constant  J/K
Volume of PCM cell cm3
Reset current11.7 µA
Set current208 µA
Reset pulse width 20 ns
Set pulse width100 µs
Read current5 µA
Read pulse width25 ns
Resistance switching ratioRSR
Electrical resistivity6.7 ohm-cm
Specific heat0.27 Jcm−3K−1
Reset power80 µW
Set power0.25 nW
Reset energy1.6 PJ
Set energy25 Fj
Crystallization temp477°C