Journal of Mycology / 2013 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Optimizing Containment and Control of Candida parapsilosis Fungemia among Neonates in the Outbreak Setting Using a Mathematical Modeling Approach

Figure 3

(a) Uncertainty analysis. State compartment (“ ” = susceptibles; “ ” = colonized but not infected; “ ” = infected with disease) variation over time in days due to parameter imprecision. “ ” = reservoir fomite—a colonizing pressure function and not a true state variable. (b) Sensitivity of the state variables to uncertainty in the eleven parameters without interventions. The y-axis represents the weighted residuals (i.e., the weighted difference between the state variable output from the perturbed parameter values and the state variable from the point estimated parameter values), and the x-axis is time in days. (c) The partial rank correlation coefficients (PRCC) between the state variable outcome and parameters are listed; significant influences occurred with listed in bold italics ( ).