Journal of Mycology / 2013 / Article / Fig 5

Research Article

Optimizing Containment and Control of Candida parapsilosis Fungemia among Neonates in the Outbreak Setting Using a Mathematical Modeling Approach

Figure 5

The critical proportion ( ) requiring systemic fluconazole or selective digestive decontamination (SDD) with nystatin prophylaxis in order to stop an outbreak of C. parapsilosis fungemia in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) as a function of the basic reproductive number ( ). The to receive either prophylaxis was approximately the same unless increased greatly (as one begins to see with the exogenous (e.g., Huang et al. [16]) compared with endogenous outbreaks (e.g., Saxen et al. [15]) of candidemia examples) and the limit of approached zero (where is the efficacy in reducing colonization and is the efficacy in reducing infection).