Table 4: Extended attribute set from combinations of base attributes.

AttributeDescription of the attribute in relation to the control or candidate sequence

G + T:= G% + T%Sum of G% and T%
G/T:= G%/T%Ratio from G% to T%
G + C:= G% + C%Sum of G% and C%
G/C:= G%/C%Ratio from G% to C%
A + C:= A% + C%Sum of A% and C%
A/C:= A%/C%Ratio from A% to C%
T + A:= T% + A%Sum of T% and A%
T/A:= T%/A%Ratio from T% to A%
G%/ShannonEntropyNorm := G%/ShannonEntropyNormRatio of G% over normalized Shannon entropy
C%/ShannonEntropyNorm := C%/ShannonEntropyNormRatio of C% over normalized Shannon entropy
T%/ShannonEntropyNorm := T%/ShannonEntropyNormRatio of T% over normalized Shannon entropy
A%/ShannonEntropyNorm := A%/ ShannonEntropyNormRatio of A% over normalized Shannon entropy
NormEnergyRatio := DeltaGnorm/DuplexEnergyNormRatio of the normalized DeltaG from the stem loop and normalized miRNAs:miRNAs* duplex energy
longestBracket/longestDot := longestBracketSet / longestDotSetRatio of longest match over the longest mismatch normalized counts