Figure 5: (a) Pretreatment of animals with the dopamine aptamer reversed the effects of MK-801 administration. Animals given MK-801 (empty diamonds; 0 nM/MK) show higher cumulative presses in this behavioural test in comparison to animals not given this drug (empty squares, dashed line; 0 nM/Saline). The group receiving aptamer pretreatment (filled triangles; 200 nM/MK), however, showed similar levels of cumulative presses as those that were not given any MK-801. A random oligonucleotide pretreatment, however, had no dampening effect on the number of presses (X with dashed line; Random/MK). (b) Aptamer pretreatment (200 nM/MK) did not significantly affect locomotor activity as measured by distance traveled in an elevated cross maze. Used with permission from PLoS One.