Journal of Nucleic Acids / 2016 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

Copy Number Variation of UGT 2B Genes in Indian Families Using Whole Genome Scans

Figure 2

The number of functional copies of UGT 2B genes examined in a panel of 31 individuals. Each row represents human individuals and each column of the grid summarizes genotype data for the UGT 2B gene regions. The panel infers the functional copy number in each member of the families under study. Each slanting line indicates SNP and CNV markers which has picked the variations. Subject 1 = 1A-I-2 in Pedigree A; Subject 6 = 1B-V-2 in Pedigree B; Subject 7 = 1B-III-5 in Pedigree B; Subject 8 = 1B-IV-2 in Pedigree B; Subject 9 = 1B-V-1 in Pedigree B; Subject 10 = 1A-III-4 in Pedigree A; Subject 11 = 1A-III-3 in Pedigree A; Subject 12 = 1A-II-8 in Pedigree A; Subject 13 = 1A-I-1 in Pedigree A; Subject 14 = 1A-II-3 in Pedigree A. Subjects 1 and 10–14 belong to the first family; Subjects 6–9 belong to the second family; Subjects 2–5 belong to the third family; Subjects 27–29 belong to the fourth family; Subjects 30-31 belong to the fifth family; Subjects 19–22 belong to the sixth family; Subjects 23–26 belong to the seventh family; Subjects 15–18 belong to the eighth family.