Figure 7: Binding of Cy3-thrombin to various sequences. (a) Binding of Cy3-thrombin to TFBS aptamer using different nucleobase linkers and lengths; (b) Binding of Cy3-thrombin to T linker variants of THBS (thrombin binding sequence and reported G-quartet former), RF2 (riboflavin aptamer and reported G-quartet former), RF3 (riboflavin aptamer and reported G-quartet former), SA (streptavidin aptamer mutant and non-G-quartet former), IgE_D17-4 (IgE aptamer and non-G-quartet former), and ATP 25.42 (ATP aptamer initially reported to form G-quartet, but later determined to form pseudoknot structure). Error bars represent SEM of raw fluorescence intensity values for 5–15 replicates of each sequence. Linker identity was T unless otherwise specified.