Table 1: (a) Helix/coil transition temperatures () of the T. brucei RPS12 pre-mRNA derived from the denaturation profiles shown in Figure 1. Macromolecular crowding was mimicked by 6% (w/w) PEG4000. (b) Summary of SHAPE-derived Gibbs free energies () and structural characteristics of the RPS12 transcript in dilute and crowded solvent conditions. In addition, mean and median SHAPE reactivities are provided. (c) Structural features of the RPS12 pre-mRNA in crowded and/or Mg2+-free solvent conditions compared to dilute solvent conditions at 2 mM Mg2+. : difference Gibbs free energies; sens: sensitivity; ppv: positive predictive value. For a comprehensive comparison, see Table  S1.

Dilute +Mg2+Crowded +Mg2+DiluteCrowded



Dilute +Mg2+Crowded +Mg2+DiluteCrowded

Fraction ss0.380.380.430.46
Fraction ds0.620.620.570.54
Mean reactivity0.450.390.570.61
Median reactivity0.350.320.350.37


Crowded + Mg2+ versus dilute + Mg2+Dilute versus dilute + Mg2+Crowded versus dilute + Mg2+

sens (%)1005652
ppv (%)1006058