Figure 1: DP voltammograms baseline corrected at a GC electrode, solutions of ((a) black solid line) 20 μM guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T), and cytosine (C); ((a) black dashed line) 20 μM uracil (U) in pH 7.4; (b) 60 μg mL−1 DNA (black solid line) double-strand and (black dashed line) single-strand in pH 4.5; ((c) red solid line) 40 μg mL−1 poly(dG); ((c) black solid line) 40 μg mL−1 poly(dA), 100 μg mL−1 poly(dT), 100 μg mL−1 poly(dC), and 250 μg mL−1 poly(dU) in pH 7.4. [Adapted from [48, 49] with permission.]