(a) gcDNA
(b) mDNA
Figure 10: Assess the accessibility of interchelated YOYO as the extent of DNA condensation. Stern-Volmer plots of acrylamide quenching of YOYO bound to gcDNA (a) and mDNA (b) in the presence of different concentrations of α-PrP in Hepes buffer, pH 7.4 containing 100 mM NaCl. Concentrations of the DNAs in phosphates were 10 μM and the dye concentrations were 5 nM in both the experiments (dye to DNA-phosphate 1 : 2000). and are the fluorescence intensities of the dye in buffer and in the presence of increasing concentrations of acrylamide. □, △, and ○ in the figures are the fluorescence quenching results in buffer and in the presence of PrP : DNA ratios of 0.6 and 3, respectively. Five individual titration experiments were performed and the average was plotted against acrylamide concentration. The statistical data were calculated with Student’s -test.