Figure 4: Representative photomicrographs (a) showing that valproic acid (VA) treatments (25 and 50 mg/kg) of the 6-OHDA group reverse the increased Fluoro-Jade staining (seen as a high green fluorescence) in the rat striatum. SO means the sham-operated group, where a low green fluorescence against a dark background is observed, indicating a lesser neuron degeneration (magnification ×100). The Image J software was used to measure the relative density of cells in 3–5 fields (b). a. versus SO, ; b. versus 6-OHDA + VA25, ; c. versus 6-OHDA + VA50, ; d. versus SO, ; e. versus 6-OHDA + VA25, (one-way ANOVA and Newman-Keuls as the post hoc test).