Figure 2: Time course demonstrating expression and degradation of induced Htt in PC12 cells: (a) PC 12 cells with inducible Htt (either nHtt (Q23) or mHtt (Q73)) were cultured in collagen-coated 12-well plates and induced with Ponasterone A (PonA) or carrier buffer (EtOH). Wells were harvested at the indicated days after induction. Precleared lysates (12 μg) were run in each lane on a 3–8% Tris-Acetate gel, transferred to nitrocellulose, and immunoblotted with rabbit anti-N-terminal Htt antibody and secondary antibody as described (Section 2). Endogenous rat Htt bands are identified by the asterisk (). The same membrane was reprobed using an antibody against actin to serve as a loading control. (b) Fold increase of full-length Htt in induced cells compared to vehicle control as determined by ImageJ analysis.