Research Article

Simultaneous Determination of Clidinium Bromide and Chlordiazepoxide in Combined Dosage Forms by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Table 2

Sensitivity and regression parameters.

ParameterClidinium bromideChlordiazepoxide

Optimum concentration range ( g mL−1)2.5–300.03.0–500.0
Regression equation*
 Correlation coefficient ( )0.99990.9999
 Standard deviation of slope0.00190.0025
 Standard deviation of intercept0.01350.0504
Regression equation**
 Correlation coefficient ( )0.99990.9999
 Standard deviation of slope1.1 × 10−52.8 × 10−5
 Standard deviation of intercept5.9 × 10−48.1 × 10−4
 Limit of quantification, LOQ ( g mL−1)0.2940.403
 Limit of detection, LOD ( g mL−1)0.0880.121

Regression equation for the peak area of drug versus concentration of drug in g mL−1.
**Regression equation for the ratio of peak area of drug to that of I.S. versus concentration of drug in g mL−1.