Journal of Pharmaceutics / 2014 / Article / Tab 9

Review Article

Microbicides for the Treatment of Sexually Transmitted HIV Infections

Table 9

New preclinical microbicide candidates with their mechanism of action.

Mechanism of actionCandidates

Vaginal defense enhancerGenetically engineered probiotics, mucocept HIV, RANTES peptides, and Lactobacillus delivered cyanovirin-N

Entry/fussion inhibitors Aptamers, betacyclodextrin, flavinoids, porphyrins, siRNA, silver nanoparticles, ISIS 5060, reterocyclines, and TatCD

Combination approachesBuffer gel with dendrimers, M167, BMS, and other ARV

Microbicide combined with devicesDuet cervical barrier and condoms with alkyl sulfate coating

Uncharacterized mechanismCO (ciclo piroxolamine)

SurfactantsAlkyl sulfates (surfactants and chaotropic agents)