Table 4: Converting results of the midsurface mesh via Moldflow preprocessing.

Processing parametersUnitSimulation values

Mesh TypeMidplane
Total number of nodes No.23254
Total number of injection location nodes No.1
The injection location node labels 1
Total number of elements No.46428
Number of part elementsNo.46360
Number of sprue/runner/gate elementsNo.68
Number of channel elementsNo.0
Number of connector elementsNo.0
Average aspect ratio of triangle elements 2.0344
Maximum aspect ratio of triangle elements16.7113
Element number with maximum aspect ratio44141
Minimum aspect ratio of triangle elements1.1553
Element number with minimum aspect ratio 6855
Total volume cm35447.5958
Volume filled initiallycm3 245.5855
Volume to be filledcm3 5202.0103
Part volume to be filledcm3 5089.9284
Sprue/runner/gate volume to be filled cm3 112.0817
Total projected areacm3 6144.9301