Review Article

Nuclear Transport: A Switch for the Oxidative Stress—Signaling Circuit?

Figure 1

Simplified model for classical nuclear import and Crm1-mediated export, two essential transport pathways. Classical nuclear import depends on the carrier importin-β and the adaptor protein importin-α. Together, importin-α/β move NLS-containing cargos to the nucleus. The absence of RanGTP from the cytoplasm permits the assembly of import complexes in the cytoplasm. Conversely, the high RanGTP concentration in the nucleus promotes the dissociation of classical import complexes after they translocate across the NPC. RanGTP in the nucleus is also necessary to generate export complexes that contain Crm1 and NES-containing cargo. The function of Crm1 is inhibited by leptomycin B (LMB).