Review Article

Nuclear Transport: A Switch for the Oxidative Stress—Signaling Circuit?

Figure 2

Oxidative stress inhibits classical nuclear import and Crm1-mediated export. (a) Nuclear import. HeLa cells transiently synthesizing the import substrates NLS-mCherry or GFP-tagged glucocorticoid receptor (GR-GFP) were incubated under nonstress conditions (control) or with DEM as described [69]. Note that a significant amount of the reporter proteins relocated to the cytoplasm upon oxidant treatment, indicating that classical nuclear import was inhibited. (b) Nuclear export. HeLa cells synthesizing the fluorescent reporter protein mCit-NES, a Crm1 cargo, were exposed to DEM and processed as in part a. The Crm1 export cargo was excluded from the nucleus under control conditions, but relocated to nuclei upon oxidative stress. Size bar is 20 μm.
(a) Nuclear import
(b) Nuclear export