Figure 6: Increased expression of MAP4K4 stimulates migration but is blocked by knockdown of Pyk2 expression. (a) Wild-type SF767 glioma cells (CTL) or SF767 cells stably transduced with a shRNA targeting Pyk2 (Pyk2i) were transfected with vector or HA-epitope-tagged MAP4K4. Whole cell lysates were blotted with the indicated antibodies. Lysates were blotted with actin as a loading control. (b) SF767 control cells or SF767 cells with shRNA mediated knockdown of Pyk2 (Pyk2i) were transfected with MAP4K4, and the migration rate on 10 μg/mL laminin was assessed over 24 hr using a radial migration assay. relative to control. * relative to control.