Table 2: Respondent sociodemographic and clinical characteristics.

All participantsIncluded in analysis
% %

 Eastern Europe and Central Asia96617%62917%
 Latin America88015%56715%
 Middle East and North Africa1292%672%
 Sub-Saharan Africa3807%2025%
 Western and Northern Europe and North America137524%98826%
Age category
Sexual orientation
 No postsecondary103419%65217%
Housing status
 Stable place to live416077%299080%
 Unstable or no place to live123223%75820%
Personal income
 Low middle171332%120232%
 High 3066%2236%
Time since last HIV test (HIV-negative participants)
 <6 months119537%114237%
 6–12 months59018%56718%
 1–3 years 48215%45915%
 >4 years2829%2739%
 I have never been tested in HIV67921%63821%
Time since last HIV test (HIV-positive participants)
 In the last 6 months25937%24837%
 Between last 6 months and 1 year ago568%507%
 1–3 years ago7110%6410%
 More than 3 years ago31645%30646%
 I have never been tested in HIV1010
HIV status
 HIV negative or status unknown322882%307982%
 HIV positive70318%66918%
CD4 count