Journal of Textiles / 2014 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

A Study on Coloring Properties of Rheum emodi on Jute Union Fabrics

Table 5

Fastness properties of the printed jute/cotton union fabrics towards washing, rubbing, and light.

Sample codeMordant + thickener Washing fastness Rubbing fastness Light fastness

UJC1No mordant + guar gum33-433-434
UJC2Alum + guar gum4-554-554-56
UJC3CuSO4 + guar gum555557
UJC4FeSO4 + guar gum444-54-546
UJC1′No mordant + albumin4-54-54-54-54-56
UJC2′Alum + albumin4-54-54-554-56-7
UJC3′CuSO4 + albumin555557
UJC4′FeSO4 + albumin554-54-54-57
MJC1Alum + guar gum4-54-54-554-56-7
MJC2CuSO4 + guar gum4-554-5557
MJC3FeSO4 + guar gum4-54-54-54-54-56
MJC1′Alum + albumin4-54-5554-56-7
MJC2′CuSO4 + albumin555557
MJC3′FeSO4 + albumin55554-57

CC: color change; CS: color staining; C: cotton; W: wool.