Table 2: The most important parameters of porous reactor influencing processes in selected application groups as applied to internal combustion engines (see definition of application groups in text).


pore size+++++++++++
pore structure+++++++
thickness of PM reactor++++++++++
diameter of PM reactor+++++++
number of junctions in porous reactor+++++++++++
gas/liquid flow velocity++++++++++++++
quality of pores+++++++
spray angle and nozzle hole diameter++++++
injection pressure++++
injection duration+++
number of nozzle holes+++++++
reactor homogeneity and nozzle position with respect to the reactor+++++++++
specific surface area+++++++++++++
heat capacity++++++++++++
PM reactor temperature++++++++++++
interphase heat transfer++++++++++++
microporosity of the surface++++++++
mixture composition (λ)++++++++++
gas pressure++++++

AG = application group according to definition in text; Maximum value = +++.