Journal of Thermodynamics / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Performance Evaluation of Refrigeration Units in Natural Gas Liquid Extraction Plant

Table 1

Summary of two-stage compression refrigeration.

ParametersUnits1st stage compressor2nd stage compressor

Suction pressurebar1.92.5
Discharge pressurebar2.55.0
Compression ratio1.3161.414
Isentropic work of compressionJ/kg20,644.2522,094.91
Actual work of compressionJ/kg20,644.2521,872.85
Isentropic efficiency%48.5651.98
Mechanical efficiency%20.7146.51
Volumetric efficiency%55.046.7
Actual power requirementKW0.09690.0960
Cooling water consumption in intercoolers m3/s7.261219.282
Compressor capacitym3/s2.15662.1096
Work input in comp 1 and comp 2J/kg273.14273.14
Work outputJ/kg1197.892414.11