Table 2: Comparison of H. contortus infections between and within species.

Cross-tabulated categories Odds ratio (95 C.I.)p-value

Between species
 Sheep versus goats1.98 (1.40-2.79)≤0.001
 Adult sheep versus adult goats2.06 (1.28-3.33)≤0.001
 Young sheep versus young goats1.90 (1.16-3.13)0.01

Within sheep
 Males versus females1.00 (0.55-1.83)0.56
 Adult females versus adult males1.33 (0.55-3.22)0.34
 Young males versus young females1.46 (0.62-3.42)0.26
 Young males versus adult males1.18 (0.46-3.01)0.45
 Adult females versus young females1.64 (0.74-3.65)0.16

Within goats
 Females versus males1.60 (1.09-2.36)0.01
 Adult females versus adult males1.44 (0.80-2.57)0.15
 Young females versus young males1.73 (1.01-2.96)0.03
 Adult males versus young males1.19 (0.61-2.34)0.37
 Young females versus adult females1.01 (0.66-1.54)0.53

Significant difference since p≤0.05.