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Laser Chemistry
Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 83-112

Excitation Spectrum of I2 Induced by Laser Radiation Near the Dissociation Limit of the B–State

Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, C. N. R. S. II, Bâtiment 505, Orsay Cedex 91405, France

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The study of the excitation spectrum of I2 induced by laser radiation near the dissociation limit of the B state enables us to determine the molecular constants of the vibrational levels v′ = 78, 79 and 80; the latest being situated only 1.6 cm−1 from the dissociation limit. The molecular constants are now in good agreement with theoretical predictions. Revised values of the dissociation limits of the B and X state are proposed: they are 20043.176 ± 0.016 and 12440.200 ± 0.020 cm−1 respectively. The excitation spectrum from 20022 to 20039.5 cm−1 is entirely reproduced, together with the assignments and the wavenumbers of all observed lines, principally for calibration purposes.