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Laser Chemistry
Volume 3, Issue 1-6, Pages 249-261

Picosecond-Duration Vibrational Relaxation Kinetics in the Excited S1 State of Perylene and Anthracene Molecules

Institute of Physics, Estonian SSR Academy of Sciences, Tartu 202400, Russia

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We present and discuss the results of a direct observation of the picosecond range temporal behavior of vibronic lines in the luminescence spectrum of the matrix-isolated perylene and anthracene molecules. A novel subtractive dispersion mount of monochromators in conjunction with the synchroscan streak camera has been used. From spectrochronograms measured at different excitation wavelengths the vibrational energy relaxation times have been obtained. These are in the range of 20–30 ps and are most probably determined by the existence of the phonon bath of the matrix. A comparison of the measured relaxation constants with those estimated from the steady-state hot luminescence spectrum has been made.