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Laser Chemistry
Volume 4, Issue 1-6, Pages 105-120

HF Fluorescence and Ion Production From Infrared Laser Irradiation of SF6-Hydrocarbon Mixtures

Exxon Research and Engineering Company, Corporate Research-Science Laboratories, P.O. Box 45, Linden 07036, New Jersey, USA

Received 22 March 1983; Accepted 24 May 1983

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CO2 laser irradiation of SF6/hydrocarbon mixtures are shown to produce positive ions and infrared fluorescence due to emission by HF. The mechanism for the production of these ions and fluorescence involves the multiple photon dissociation of SF6 and subsequent attack of the free fluorine atom on the hydrocarbon, as well as VV transfer and thermal ionization reactions. Argon and oxygen are found to increase ion production while quenching the fluorescence. Chemi-ionization of the hydrocarbons by a reaction sequence initiated by the attack of fluorine atoms on trace amounts of an oxygen impurity cannot be disregarded as a channel for ion formation.