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Laser Chemistry
Volume 4, Issue 1-6, Pages 297-303

Two-Quantum Photoprocesses in DNA and RNA Biopolymers Under Powerful Picosecond Laser UV Irradiation

1Institute of Spectroscopy, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow Region, Troitzk 142092, Russia
2Institute for Physical Research, Armenian SSR Academy of Sciences, Ashtarak, Armenian SSR 378410, Russia

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Two-quantum photoreactions taking place under picosecond laser UV irradiation of DNA and RNA biopolymers were investigated. Despite of qualitative difference in two-step photoprocesses concerned (single-strand breaks formation in plasmid pBR 322 DNA, induction of breaks in TMV RNA sugar-phosphate chain, cross-links formation in DNA of CD phage) similar dependences of the quantum yield of the effects studied on the irradiation intensity can be observed with saturation in the region of 3 · 1011−3 · 1012 W/m2. The saturation intensity is one or two orders lower than in the case of irradiation of single monomers - nucleic acid bases.