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Laser Chemistry
Volume 7, Issue 5-6, Pages 271-277

Frequency Dependent Kinetics of the CW CO2 Laser Induced Reaction of CF3CF2Cl

Departments of Physics and Chemistry, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 62901, Illinois, USA

Received 2 June 1986; Accepted 13 August 1986

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Kinetics of the decomposition of CF3CF2Cl at 50 torr by a cw CO2 laser have been studied over a range of laser frequencies extending 36 cm−1 below an absorption band center at 980 cm−1. At constant translational temperature, the change in the rate constant with laser frequency is a factor of 100, comparable to the effect previously observed in CF2ClCF2Cl. Arrhenius plots show an activation energy of 86.2 kcal/mole, independent of frequency.