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Laser Chemistry
Volume 7, Issue 2-4, Pages 95-107

Photodissociation of Cadmium Diiodide

Chemistry Department of Resources, Faculty of Engineering, Mi'e University, Tsu 514, Japan

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Photodissociation of cadmium diiodide was studied. The nascent vibrational distribution of CdI(X2Σ) on the photodissociation of CdI2 at 308 nm was determined by the laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) technique. The temporal variation in the density of CdI(X2Σ) radicals was monitored and it was shown that second-order recombination reactions were important under our experimental conditions. Both the ground and the highly excited states of cadmium atoms were generated on photodissociation of CdI2. The multiphoton absorption process for the production of highly excited Cd atoms is discussed.