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Laser Chemistry
Volume 7, Issue 2-4, Pages 129-139

High Resolution Photoionization Spectrum of HBr Measured With Frequency Tripled Laser Radiation

1The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Saitama, Wako 351-01, Japan
2Faculty of Science, Science University of Tokyo, Kagurazaka, Tokyo 162, Japan

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The photoionization spectrum of HBr around the first ionization limit was measured at resolution of up to 5 x 10−4 nm. The ionizing vacuum ultraviolet radiation was generated by frequency tripling of the second harmonic output of a dye laser. Three sets of Rydberg series, each converging to the ground state (2Π3/2) of HBr+, were observed on the longer wavelength side of the ionization limit. By extrapolation of the Rydberg series, the ionization potential of HBr was determined to be 11.666 ± 0.001 eV.