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Laser Chemistry
Volume 7, Issue 5-6, Pages 343-351

Bridged Quaterphenyls as Flashlamp-Pumpable Laser Dyes

1Chemistry Department, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, 43rd Street and Kingsessing Mall, Phila. 19104, PA, USA
2Chemistry Department, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and A.H.S., 179 Longwood Ave., Boston 02115, MA, USA
3Phase-R Corp., Old Bay Rd, New Durham 03855, NH, USA

Received 22 January 1987; Accepted 18 February 1987

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Partial bridging of the o,o′ positions of the aromatic rings in quaterphenyl gave superior flashlamp-pumpable laser dyes. Alkyl-substituted carbon bridges gave superior dyes to those containing oxygen or alkyl-substituted nitrogen or silicon bridges. Dyes lasing in the 365–390 nm region with improved energy output, lifetime and solubility were discovered.