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Laser Chemistry
Volume 8, Issue 2-4, Pages 97-122

Raman spectroscopy of infrared multiphoton excited molecules

Division of Applied Sciences and Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge 02138, MA, USA

Received 14 August 1987; Accepted 15 September 1987

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This paper presents an overview of data obtained on the intramolecular vibrational energy distribution in infrared multiphoton excited CF2HCl, CF2Cl2, SF6 and CH3CHF2. All but CF2HCl show collisionless changes in the intensity of the spontaneous Raman signals after excitation, indicating that the excitation alters the population in the Raman active modes. A comparison of the spectrally integrated intensities of the Raman signals yields information on the distribution of vibrational energy over the modes of the molecule. The results for CF2Cl2 show a nonthermal distribution of energy after the excitation.