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Laser Chemistry
Volume 8, Issue 2-4, Pages 123-135

IR-Luminescence of CF2Cl2 Molecules in Multiple-Photon Excitation With Co2-Laser Radiation

Institute of Spectroscopy, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow Region, Troitsk 142092, Russia

Received 17 August 1987; Accepted 22 September 1987

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We studied the IR luminescence spectra of vibrationally excited CF2Cl2 molecules resulting from excitation of the ν1 (1098 cm−1) and ν8 (922 cm−1) modes with a pulsed CO2 laser. The nonequilibrium spectra obtained under pumping conditions where their equilibrium counterparts coincide (the number of the photons absorbed per molecule being the same) were found to differ considerably. We suppose that this difference is due to different types of vibrational distribution formed as a result of the IR laser pumping. When pumping the ν1 mode, excitation of the R-branch occurs, resulting in the molecules “sticking” on the lower vibrational levels, whereas in the case of the ν8 mode, it is the P-branch that gets excited so that the molecules become easy to raise to high-lying vibrational levels.