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Laser Chemistry
Volume 9, Issue 4-6, Pages 385-400

Rotational Relaxation of Benzophenone in the Vapour Phase

Department of Chemistry, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK

Received 20 May 1988

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The excited singlet state lifetimes of benzophenone vapour have been measured at shorter wavelengths than previous studies and with picosecond time resolution. Excitation was at a series of wavelengths from 313.5 nm to 284 nm, which gave S2(ΠΠ*) decay times of tens of picoseconds. We also report measurements of the polarisation anisotropy decay due to free rotation of excited state benzophenone. Time-dependent anisotropies calculated by both quantum mechanical and classical formulae are in good agreement with the experimental data and demonstrate benzophenone to behave as a rigid rotor. From the residual anisotropy, at long times, it is concluded that no rotation to vibrational energy transfer occurs during the excited state lifetime.