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Laser Chemistry
Volume 11, Issue 3-4, Pages 131-142

Photoionization Dynamics of Small Molecules With Synchrotron Radiation: State Preparation by Pepico and Tpepico

LCAM Bat 351 and LURE Bat 209 d, Université Paris, Orsay Cedex XI 91405, France

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The use of synchroton radiation combined with TPEPICO experiments to study the photoionization dynamics of molecules at Orsay's synchroton radiation facility is discussed. The initial state preparation by Threshold Photoelectron Spectroscopy and final state-mass and internal energy spectroscopy by time of flight analysis of photoelectrons as well as ions in coincidence with threshold electrons is illustrated by the TPES of HCl, the TOF TPES of O2 and the TPEPICO spectra of NO+ fragments from the decay of state selected N2O+ ions.