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Laser Chemistry
Volume 15, Issue 2-4, Pages 157-165

Intermolecular Vibrations of the Complex of NO in the nsσ Rydberg States and Ar

Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ohokayama, Meguro, Tokyo 152, Japan

Received 2 May 1994

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The resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization method has been applied to the study of NO-Ar van der Waals complex in the nsσ (n = 3,4) Rydberg states. We have assigned the intermolecular vibrations appearing in the ×X˜ excitation spectrum of the complex. The bending structure appeared only with the excitation of the stretching mode in the à state, which was interpreted by intermolecular forces. The E˜-à excitation spectra were independent of the initial intermolecular level in the à state and the dissociation threshold to NO(E2+ ) + Ar was determined to be 60950 cm-1. The s–d mixing in the 4sσ orbital would make the intermolecular vibrational structure in the E˜—Ãspectra complex.