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Laser Chemistry
Volume 15, Issue 2-4, Pages 183-194

Collision Energy Dependence of the Overall Rate Constant for the Reaction NH(a1Δ ) + HN3

Department of Chemistry, Niigata University, 2-nocho, Ikarashi, Niigata 950-21, Japan

Received 15 March 1994

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The overall rate constant for the reaction NH(a1Δ ) + HN3 has been determined by the laser photolysis of hydrogen azide (HN3) at 266 nm and 193nm. The visible emission from vibronically excited NH2(A˜2A1) was dispersed and its time-dependent profiles were measured at several wavelengths. The rate constants are dependent not only on the photolysis wavelengths but also on the vibrational levels of the NH2(A˜2A1) produced in the reaction. The intermolecular potential between NH(a1Δ) and HN3 was determined to be the form V(R) = –C/Rs (2 < s < 4, C: constant) from the analysis with a long-range potential approximation. The interaction between NH(a1Δ ) and HN3 is mainly governed by the dipoledipole interaction in the initial stage of the reaction.