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Laser Chemistry
Volume 17, Issue 4, Pages 219-237

Kinetic Study of the Reaction of Rh(a4F9/2) with N2O, O2 and NO

Chemistry Department, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis 21402, MD, USA

Received 21 January 1998

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The gas phase reactivity of Rh(a4F9/2) with N2O, O2 and NO is reported. Removal rate constants for the excited states of rhodium below 13,000cm-1 are also reported. The reaction rate of Rh(a4F9/2) with N2O is relatively temperature insensitive. The rate constants for the bimolecular reaction are described in Arrhenius form by (1.3±0.3)×1012exp(1.3±0.8KJ/mol/RT)cm3s1 The reaction rates of the a4F9/2 state with O2 and NO are pressure dependent. For O2, the limiting low-pressure thirdorder, K0, and limiting high-pressure second-order, K, room temperature rate constants in argon buffer are (6.6±0.6)×1030cm6s1 and (2.1±0.2)×1011cm3s1, respectively. For NO, K2 and K are (1.3±0.2×1030cm6s1) and (2.1±0.4)×1011cm3s1, respectively. The removal rates of the excited states are faster than the ground state by a factor of 2 or more.