We have obtained A-band absorption resonance Raman spectra of 1-chloro-2- iodoethane in cyclohexane solution. We have done preliminary time-dependent wavepacket calculations to simulate the resonance Raman intensities and absorption spectrum in order to learn more about the short-time photodissociation dynamics. We compare our preliminary results for 1-chloro-2-iodoethane with previous resonance Raman results for iodoethane and find that there appears to be more motion along non- C—I stretch modes for 1-chloro-2-iodoethane than for iodoethane. This is consistent with results of TOF photofragment spectroscopy experiments which indicate much more internal excitation of the photoproducts from 1-chloro-2-iodoethane photodissociation than the photoproducts from iodoethane photodissociation.