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Laser Chemistry
Volume 19, Issue 1-4, Pages 381-384

Picosecond Transient Raman Spectra of S1 Bis(Methylstyryl)- Benzene: Observation of S1SnResonance Emission

Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University, 100 West 18th Avenue, Columbus 43210-1185, OH, USA

Received 18 August 1997

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We have been studying the excited state spectra of several molecules related to electroluminescent conducting polymers. The excited state structure corresponds to the conducting state in these systems. We have obtained data on 1,4-bis(2,2′-methylstyryl)- benzene (2MSB) as a model system of poly (P-phenylenevinylene) (PPV). We observe both sharp and broad features in the spectra. The sharp bands occur at a constant energy shift relative to the probe wavelength. We attribute the sharp bands to resonance Raman bands of the S1 state of 2MSB. We assign the broad band at ∼740 nm to resonance emission between Sn and S1. We believe that this is the first observation of resonance secondary radiation (RSR) between two electronically excited states in a large molecule.