Table 9: Full width at half maximum (FWHM) of HR-XRD ZnO(002) rocking curves of PLD ZnO and ZnMgO thin films on the indicated substrates (best values). ω-scans were taken with Cu Kα1 radiation and with open detector at the 2Θ position of ZnO(002). For details see [54, 104].

Film on substrate (sample no.)FWHM of HR-XRD rocking
curve of ZnO(002) film peak

ZnO on a-sapphire (E1105)369′′
ZnO on n-GaN/c-sapphire (E1111)305′′
ZnO on c-sapphire (multistep PLD)151′′
ZnO on ScAlMgO4(006) (E1108)71′′
ZnMgO on ZnO(0001) (E2064)27′′
ZnO on ZnO(0001) (E1340)23′′ (no peak separation)